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Regarding AirTM Problem
Published on 17-05-2024

Hello All,

We have got email from the AirTM team that they are going to close our account within 1 month. Because of this situation, we will remove their payment option from all our websites.

We are very sorry to bother you about this issue but this is totally decided by AirTM team and we can do nothing to fix it 

AirTM withdrawal option still available but deposit is permanently closed. We will close AirTM withdrawal option as well.

So, what is the solution?

* All AirTM depositors should reach us via Support Ticket and let us know which payment option they wants to use instead of AirTM. We will replace their AirTM deposits with their chosen new payment option.

This is the information from them:

Image Link: Click Here

Thank you for your understanding 

Welcome to OffersBap
Published on 11-03-2024

Hello Dear Members,

Welcome to OffersBap and we are glad to inform you; OffersBap is in Open Beta!
Don't worry, your accounts will remain same after the Officially Launch 

Let us introduce ourselves 
OffersBap founders are two people that you can recognize as PTC/GPT users; Ufuko and cimbomlu88
We also manage OffersBux, which has been operating for 5 years  This is our 3rd site and also sister site of the OffersBux 

We have been in this platform for many years as a user. Based to many research and reviews, we have tried to create the most suitable model for a stable site.

OffersBap is a platform for earning cash based on BAP (Bonus Ad Points) system. In OffersBap you can advertise and earn at the same time  Please check our FAQ and TOS page for more information 

We are offering:

 Turn every $1 into $1.5 worth of Paid Ads.
 Earn up to $100 daily according to your BAP Level
 Play Games and do Offers to get More BAP.
 Earn 100 BAP for every DR Deposit and 1 BAP for their clicks.
 Many Offerwalls to Earn BAP and 5% DR Commission from their Offerwall activities.

So, what are you waiting for?
Join us and explore this adventure